Welcome to Heavenly Nails on the go Spa

Welcome to Heavenly Nails on the go Spa

Welcome to Heavenly Nails on the go SpaWelcome to Heavenly Nails on the go SpaWelcome to Heavenly Nails on the go Spa

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 Infection and Inflammation – Often the nail or finger will appear red and swollen. This can mean that there is a bacterial infection present. 


Atrophy – An injury or disease of the nail, where the nail plate will be wasting away.

Hypertrophy – A fungal infection where the nail plate will become very thick and over grown at the side walls. If there is no infection present, nails can be buffed regularly to thin the nail plate. This condition can be hereditary. 

Whitlow – A bacterial infection, often the result of hangnails becoming 
infected. The infection may result in permanent damage to nail plate 

 Warts – A viral infection with lumps on the hands and fingers. They are very contagious and this should be referred to the GP immediately. 

Ringworm – A fungal infection, white patches are often found on the nail plate as a result of rotting on the nail .

Oychosmadesis – An injury or disease that can cause the nail plate to lift away from the cuticle (a new nail grows and pushes the old nail plate off). The nail must be allowed to re-grow fully before any treatments. 

 Onycholosis – An infection where trauma or psoriasis have caused the nail plate to detach from the nail bed starting at the free edge. Care should be taken, 
as the nail can be easily ripped off. This is very common after incorrect or home 
removal of nail extensions. 

Nail Conditions & Disorders

 Beaus Lines – Wavy horizontal ridges across the nail plate, often caused through illness, medication, or heart disease. Light buffing can help improve this condition. 

 Furrows – Ridges from the matrix to free edge often caused through arthritis, incorrect removal of nail extensions, or damage to matrix. Light buffing can help 
improve this condition. A dark polish or opal polish will highlight the ridges, so 
it is recommended to apply a clear or light polish. 

Leukonychia – White spots in the nail plate, which are commonly mistaken as the result of calcium deficiency, are actually caused by calcium deficiency and minor trauma to the nail. White spots will grow up and out so one should treat the nail with care and avoid pressure. Leukonychia is commonly caused through over filing when blending nail extensions. 

Eggshell Nails – Thin, curved over the free edge and fragile nails. 
Improper diet and severe medication can cause this condition. In this case it is 
best to keep the nails short and avoid pressure. 

Hangnail – A small tear or split in the cuticle, which can be removed with 
cuticle nippers during a manicure. Regular nail treatments are needed to improve dry skin conditions. 

Clubbing — Your fingertips widen and become round while the nails 
curve around your fingertips. Caused by enlargement in connective tissue as 
compensation for a chronic lack of oxygen. Lung disease is present in 80 percent 
of people who have clubbed fingers.  

Onycholysis (ON-i-ko-LY-sis) — The nail separates from the nail bed. Most of the time, this problem is associated with physical injury (trauma), psoriasis, 
drug reactions, fungal disease or contact dermatitis from using nail hardeners. Sometimes onycholysis can be related to an over/under active thyroid gland, iron deficiency, or syphilis. 

Spoon nails — Soft nails that look scooped out. Depression is usually large enough to hold a drop of liquid. This condition often indicates iron deficiency. 


Artificial Nails: What to Know Before You Get Them

 Artificial nails can help you make a fashion statement or wear long nails if your real ones won’t grow. While the nails aren’t harmful, putting them on and taking them off can involve acids and other chemicals that could cause allergic reactions. Damage to artificial nails also can lead to fungal infections and other problems. 


Types of Nails

Artificial nails come in two main kinds: acrylic and gel. A third type, called silks, is often used to fix damaged nails or to make nail tips stronger.

Acrylic. This plastic material is the most popular choice. It forms a hard shell when you mix a powder with liquid and brush it on top of glued-on nail tips. You have to file down your natural nails to make it rough enough for the nail tips to bond to it.

Since your real nails grow all the time, you’ll eventually see a small gap between your cuticle and the acrylic nail. You’ll need to go back to the nail salon every 2-3 weeks to get the gaps filled, or do it yourself. Chemicals in the filler and the filing may weaken your real nails.  If you already have a  fungal infection, artificial nails can make it worse or lead to other issues. 

 Gels. These are more expensive and last longer than acrylics. You paint the gel on like regular nail polish. You then put your nails under an ultraviolet (UV) light to harden the gel.  UV light can cause skin damage including wrinkles and age spots. Too much UV light can skin cancer.  But there are no reported cases of skin cancer caused by UV lamps, not even among the professional nail specialist who work around the lights all day.  

Possible Problems:

 Artificial nails can be tough on your real ones. Issues you should watch for:  ALLERGIC REACTIONS: The chemicals used to attach or remove artificial nails can irritate your skin. You may see redness, pus, or swelling around your fingernails. 

Discovery of acrylic nails

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Our priority is to deliver quality care to informed clients in a comfortable and convenient setting. When you have problems with your feet, you need to turn to a podiacurist who listens and responds… an experienced Certified Medical Nail Technician Specialist who knows the field and can effectively treat your needs… a friendly professional who counsels you on the best ways to maintain, improve your health & signs of needing medical attention. All these criteria. Plus, you benefit from a dedicated trained professional who give you the individualized attention you deserve.​   


We treat all services according to the individuals need. We take time & pride with each individual as we know our lives & mobility of movement in each individual changes. We pamper and take time to cater to your needs.


We take time and pride with our clients also  you benefit from a dedicated trained professional who gives you the individualized attention you deserve.​